Kelly DeLay is a storm chaser, family man, talented photographer, and relatively new addition to the 500px community.

But don’t let his newbie status fool you. In the approximately 4 months that Kelly has been part of the community he’s uploaded some of the most incredible, eye-popping, jaw-dropping images of storms in the 500px universe… including a pretty intense family portrait:

Kelly is working on a feature for us, telling the story of one of the craziest storms he’s ever chased and photographed. But while we wait for storm chasing season to calm down and give him enough time to actually put that article together, we thought we’d introduce you to some of Kelly’s most impressive supercell shots.

Fifteen in all, each is a different supercell from a different chase. To find out more about your favorites, be sure to click on the photo’s title and read Kelly’s detailed description:

To see more from Kelly, follow him on 500px, visit his website, show him some love on Facebook and Twitter, or check out his Webby Award-Winning Clouds 365 Project.