One of the coolest things about working at 500px is being able to answer those random, statistical questions I’ve always wondered about. What camera is used the most, what are the most photographed locations, what’s the most popular animal photo of 2014, and so on—all of these are questions that, with enough digging, I can pull out of the piles of analytics.

And the latest question to keep me up at night was this: what are the most popular photos ever uploaded to 500px… according to Reddit?


The “front page of the Internet” is an interesting place and, whether or not you’ll admit it, you’ve probably spent some time at least lurking on r/pics or r/photography or (God help you) r/wtf.

It’s also the 7th highest source of traffic to 500px EVER.

So what are the top 10 most popular 500px photos ever shared on Reddit? The question, it turns out, was pretty easy to answer. Count them down with us!

10. Come On, I Do Not Bite by Sergey Polyushko

9. The Ghost and the Darkness by Atif Saeed

8. Fire and Ice by Daniel Kordan

7. Snowkissed Horseshoe Bend by Della Huff

6. The Wave by Cory Marshall

5.Nature’s Picture Frame by Joseph Urgo

4. Circles at night by Scott Farrell

3. Oriental Dwarf Kinfisher (Ceyx erithaca) by Akshay Charegaonkar

2. Ancient Trees by Joe Capra

1. Life Cradled in a Bubble by Michael Higgins

This being a Top 10, we stopped at 10, but there are some incredible photos that only just missed the list.

Want to see the next 10? A “500px According to Reddit Part 2” where we count down the next 10 photos on the list? Let us know in the comments! If we get 100 comments saying yes, we’ll post the followup.

UPDATE: The people have spoken! Published by popular demand, we’ve added 15 more photos to this list, making it a Top 25. Click here to see photos 11 through 25.