Night sky photographer, gear reviewer, educator extraordinaire, and 500pxer Ian Norman published a new tutorial video two days ago that is a must-watch if you want to photograph the Milky Way.

The tutorial—the first he’s produced thanks to sheer popular demand, because his fans were clamoring for it—shows you how to process a Milky Way photo from start to finish using only Adobe Lightroom (or a comparable RAW editor like Camera RAW). At just under 10 minutes, it literally covers everything you need to know, and is so wonderfully comprehensive we couldn’t help but share it.

Click play and enjoy!

If you’re more of a reader than a watcher and need some interactive before and after examples of each step in action, Ian also put together a complete written walkthrough to go with the video over on his blog. Definitely worth checking out if you want to go into more detail.

When it comes to Milky Way photography there are few shooters out there I recommend more highly than Ian, who is always so generous with the knowledge he’s acquired over the years.

To see more from him, be sure to give him a follow on 500px, visit his website, give him a Like on Facebook, or check out his article on capturing the milky way using a smartphone that he let us republish a few months back!