If you’re in a bit of a creative rut, the folks over at COOPH have a creative solution for you; well, actually, they have seven creative solutions for you, in the form of 7 funky photography ideas you’ll want to put on your to-do list for this weekend.

If your camera has been collecting dust on the shelf lately, this video is bound to get those creative juices flowing again.

Ranging from fun umbrella & balloon jumping photos, to creative light stenciling shots, to artsy freelensing images, if this video doesn’t inspire you to go out and start experimenting with your camera then you may want to check your pulse:

To see more from COOPH, check out this useful video of Steve McCurry-inspired photo composition tips, visit their website, or give their YouTube channel a follow. Also, if you choose to encourage the photographers in this video — the talented Anastasia Ehlakova and Julia Gebhardt — to join 500px, we won’t HATE you for it ; )

Finally, here are a few photos of these techniques in action we were able to dig up in from the 500px community. You guys and gals are seriously awesome!

Balloon and Umbrella “Flying Away” Shots


Light Stencils

Polaroid Collage

Broken Mirror

Playing with Different Colored Lights

Hula Hoop Light Painting