Want to step your Lightroom game up and speed up your editing & organizing workflow? You’re in luck. Craig McCormick—landscape photographer, photography educator, and 500px user—recently put together a list that’ll help you on your way.

The video is called “5 Must-Know Keyboard Shortcuts for Lightroom,” and the title sort of says it all. These are Craig’s top 5, the shortcuts he keeps coming back to again and again.

Click play below to find out what they are:

As Craig mentions at the beginning of the video, these are HIS must-know shortcuts. You will have your own go-to shortcuts that you should definitely share with the rest of us in the comments down below.

That being said, these are very useful, particularly if you’re just starting out in Lightroom. After all, these are the go-to shortcuts for the guy who captures and uploads photos like this:

We hope you find at least a few of these are a useful addition to your workflow. And even if you already use all these, check out the comments below! Hopefully someone in the community blows your mind by sharing a shortcut you’ve never heard of before.

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