Keep up with key trends in Licensing as 500px’s Art Director & Creative Research Lead, Karen Biilmann, analyzes common threads and current themes throughout our Contributors’ photography submissions. From fashion to still life, here’s what’s trending in eye-catching categories in the 500px collection.

In this Licensing roundup, our sample size highlights Contributor trends and photographers we love within specific categories: fashion, people, still life, and sport.


Stefano Bosso creates elegant compositions, incorporating the use of classic fashion poses and props, as seen with a model balancing on a stool in “Lindiwe.” Here, he uses rich, full tones to create an image that feels and looks balanced.

Lindiwe by Stefano Bosso on


Petar Tutundziev controls his subjects within the frame and creates wonderful compositions, ensuring that while the model is the focus of the image, there is always additional visual space. Erring on the side of darker and moodier tones, Petar has created a definitive style, creating consistency when viewing his photography collectively as a whole.

Chasing the light by Petar Tutundziev on

Cool dude by Petar Tutundziev on

Portrait by Petar Tutundziev on

Morning routine by Petar Tutundziev on

Morning routine by Petar Tutundziev on

Tone can also be used to help create drama and allure in an image, transforming a simple moment or gesture into something more memorable. We can see this in “In the field” by Nataliya Shishkovskiy, “Total hapiness.” by Pablo Reinsch and “July” by Lena K.

In the field by Nataliya Shishkovskiy on

Total hapiness. by Pablo Reinsch on

July by Lena K. on

Color can also play a significant role in isolating a concept. Photographer Renat Renee-Ell has mastered monochromatic palettes to create surreal narratives within her imagery, helping her stand out.

rose by Renat Renee-Ell on

rose by Renat Renee-Ell on

rose by Renat Renee-Ell on

Still life

Utilizing inanimate subjects to help convey concepts is something that has been growing in popularity for some time. It lends a quirky, childlike quality to imagery, while helping to depict complex concepts—Hardi Saputra is an expert at this. He keeps his still life images simple, while finding ways to ambiguously address various areas within the ever-evolving digital space.

Launch to Space by Hardi Saputra on

Little Mouse and His Cheese by Hardi Saputra on

Two Generations about to Clash by Hardi Saputra on

Perpetual Waterfall by Hardi Saputra on


Simplicity in sport is not always easy to capture, despite there being a growing need for it. Freezing an action that still inspires movement throughout the image is what Javier Sanchez, Morten Byskov – 5050 Travelog, and Carles Martin Rizzo have done here, creating clean action shots.

Black man running upstairs outdoors in urban background by Javier Sánchez on

Running in the desert by Morten Byskov - 5050 Travelog on

Rip Curl Grom Search by Carles Martin Rizzo on

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