Here’s a look at the top 10 photos we loved most that were uploaded to 500px this week, curated by our 500px photo editors. Read on to find out why these stunning shots caught our eye.

Photo from Cookbook about Latvian traditional food by Amalija Andersone on

What our photo editors loved: “This food shot accomplished the main task of food photography, it makes our mouths water! The colors and tones, plus, the beautiful light, makes this one of our top picks of the week.”

??????? by yy on

What our photo editors loved: “This shot has great elements, composition, colors and action at the same time. The photographer did a great job capturing a very stressful moment and making it look interesting.”

Yellow by Radek Štandera on

What our photo editors loved: “We love this minimal shot! Great use of color-contrast and reflections. But what makes it interesting is the triangular shape that yellow buoys create. This is composition at its best.”

Friendship by Jessica Drossin on

What our photo editors loved: “There are so many interesting elements in this photo and it is has been executed perfectly. Adding props to a portrait can elevate it and make it stand out.”

heath...(2) by dan leszek ko?udzki on

What our photo editors loved: “We love the tones on this one, it has a dreamlike quality to it. Fantastic use of bokeh.”

Quick Drink by Chris Fischer on

What our photo editors loved: “We really like this quiet moment, especially the reflection and how the water is rippled by this menacing lion! We all need to drink more water, right?”

Ice king by Isabella Tabacchi on

What our photo editors loved: “There are certain locations on earth that are overwhelmingly beautiful and immense, and when you try to capture it in a photo, the results are not the same—but Isabella managed to do it. The post-processing on this one is also outstanding!”

Castellammare del Golfo by Andrea Einaudi on

What our photo editors loved: “If this shot doesn’t make you want to jump on a plane and visit this gorgeous place, I don’t know what will. Great composition, very natural tones with warm sunlight—yup, I’m sold.”

don’t think about it too much. by Anthony Sotomayor on

What our photo editors loved: “This vertical shot captured the vibrancy of Times Square, complete with the colors, lights and a great framing with the yellow cab in the foreground.”

wizard by Laurent Farges on

What our photo editors loved: “This is such an intriguing shot, it almost looks like a James Bond movie still. Is the subject trying to catch us or is he trying to get to the surface?”