This week’s Top 25 most popular photos on 500px were dominated by landscapes of all types. From moody black-and-white mountains, to a mysterious nighttime photo of the famed Dolomites in Italy, to a few spectacular waterfall shots.

If you’ve been short of beauty this week, or feel a particularly intense need to travel and experience mind-blowing vistas, then this list will solve the first issue and exacerbate the second.

As always, our sincerest congratulations go out to the hard-working 500pxers who went out and captured these amazing shots—the recognition is well-deserved. And if you didn’t make the list this week, keep on shooting! Each week a score of new photographers break into the Top 25—next week could be your turn.

25. Liquid Night by Chris

24. Life is the flower for which love is the honey. by Victor Hugo

23. Summer’s Prelude by Jake Olson Studios

22. Alegria in the Valley by Jose Arley Agudelo

21. Fragment of Time by Michael Shainblum

20. The Bridge by Ricardo Mateus

19. View of goði by Patrick Marson Ong

18. When Nature Embraces Architecture by Khalid Al Hammadi

17. Alpenglow by Kilian Schönberger

16. Forms in the Fog by Jordi Carreras

15. Majestic by Guerel Sahin

14. Sacred by Veselin Atanasov

13. Storm by Ole Henrik Skjelstad

12. Sleeping Dolomites by Martin Pfister

11. Beacon Tower by Baofu Sun

10. Olga by Sean Archer

9. Mysterious World by Ilhan Eroglu

8. Fortress by Nicholas Roemmelt

7. Dusk Danger by Roger Hill

6. Nebraska Hail Core by Kelly DeLay

Editor’s Note: Find out why this cloud is literally glowing blue (not Photoshop!) by clicking here.

5. Sound Waves by Jeff Lewis

4. ???????.. by Elena Shumilova

3. Zephyr by Ted Gore

2. Peace by Antonio Amati

1. The Lonely Moscow by Georgiy Chernyadyev

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