Hang Son Doong in Vietnam is the largest cave on Earth. Located near the border between Laos and Vietnam, this behemoth is approximately 9Km (5.6 miles) long and contains its own large, flowing river.

The largest chamber in this single cave runs for 5Km (3.1 miles), is 200m (656ft) high and 150m (492ft) wide, and contains some of the tallest stalagmites in the world—up to 70m tall (229ft). Add that all up and you’ve got a massive cave—more massive than any other we’ve discovered on Earth—and an incredible photographic subject.

Fortunately for us non-spelunking types, you don’t have to be in Vietnam to experience the massive scale of this cave. 500px photographers have visited this natural wonder and sent back amazing photographs to prove it.

Scroll down to see the best for yourself… but don’t blame us if your apartment seems tiny afterwards.

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