Take umbridge with the title if you must, but I’ll stick by it as fact, not hyperbole: Kirsty Mitchell’s fine art photography series “Wonderland” is, without a doubt, the most beautiful fine art series in the world. And starting today, it is finally available as a book that all of the series’ millions of fans can afford and enjoy.

Wonderland was a years-long project, a series of fine-art images depicting incredible fairy tale scenes that Kirsty created as a way to both pay homage to, and escape from the reality of, her mother’s passing.

Her mother was an English teacher of 30 years, and many of Kirsty’s fondest memories with her involved books and fairy tales—tales she eventually transformed into living art pieces that she would design and create from start to finish before immortalizing them with her photography.

The final images are, in a word, indescribable:

Wonderland -

"Gaia, The Birth Of An End"  (wonderland series) by Kirsty Mitchell on 500px.com

The Ghost Swift by Kirsty Mitchell on 500px.com

The Lavender Princess by Kirsty Mitchell on 500px.com

The Faraway Tree by Kirsty Mitchell on 500px.com

The Distant Pull Of Remembrance by Kirsty Mitchell on 500px.com

Danaus  (The butterfly queen) by Kirsty Mitchell on 500px.com

The Pure Blood Of A Blossom by Kirsty Mitchell on 500px.com

Let Your Heart Be The Map by Kirsty Mitchell on 500px.com

Until now, owning a print of one of these photographs came at a justifiably high cost. Creating each image—from designing the costumes and props, to actually building them, to setting the scene and capturing the final photograph—could take as long as 5 months…

But today Kirsty launches a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money to self-publish standard, limited edition, and collectors edition versions of the award-winning series and make Wonderland available to anybody starting at only $125 USD.

The books will be of the highest quality, and are being designed by one of the foremost photo book designers on the planet: Stuart Smith.

Watch the Kickstarter video below to find out more about the project, and the three versions of the book that Kirsty and Stuart are designing together:

We won’t waste any more time talking about the series. You’ve no doubt heard about it and if you would like to browse through all the images all you have to do is visit Kirsty’s Wonderland set here on 500px. But before you do anything else, head over to the Kickstarter and grab your first edition copy of this photo book.

We don’t advertise many products on ISO, and in fact we get absolutely nothing from telling you to buy this book… except the knowledge that your life will be that much richer for having it on your coffee table.

First edition standard books signed by Kirsty with your name listed as a supporter in the acknowledgements will run you ~$125 USD, Limited Edition books (one of just 250) will cost you ~$1,160 USD, and one of 10 Collectors Edition box sets complete with signed prints, a bespoke solid bronze sculpture of The White Queen’s Key from the series, and much more costs ~$4,635. Get Yours Now