Summer is quickly turning into fall up in our hemisphere, and as the heat dissipates a bit we’re about to hit perfect camping weather. Before you know it, the leaves will be changing, the weather will be perfect, and the landscapes will just be begging for you to photograph them.

But why wait!?

Grab your camera gear, a kayak, and your adventuring spirit and go explore the nearest body of water this weekend. With any luck, you’ll come back with photos like these to share on 500px:

Ultimate fjord kayaking by Ola Moen on

A journey by An La on

Morning in Alberta, Canada by Chris  Burkard on

Ice Cave Kayaking by Toby Harriman on

Cave reflection by john spies on

Spirit Falls by Mital Patel on

Undredal in Nærøyfjorden, Norway by Tomasz Furmanek on

~ Into The Void ~ by David O Sullivan on

Still sitting in my kayak by Jørn Allan Pedersen on

Tham Lod Cave by Drew Hopper on

Double Enjoyment by Susan Chan on

A blustery day at Bow Lake by Bob Bittner on

Kayaking in Yosemite by Chris  Burkard on

Sunrise at Flowerpot Island by Henry Liu on

Misty Morning Kayaking by Linked Ring Photography on

Serenity Cruise by Bob Jordan on

Vermilion Kayak by Callum Snape on

Tranquil Dawn by Majeed Badizadegan on

Casual Kayaking in Alberta, Canada by Chris  Burkard on

Private relax by Carlo Murenu on

FALL KAYAK by Steven Madden on

Kayak in the Emerald Cave by Pete Wongkongkathep on

500.jpg by Paul Zizka on

Untitled by Samo Vidic on

Midnightsun in Reinefjord by Tomasz Furmanek on

Have your own kayaking photo hiding somewhere in the archives? Upload it to 500px and then share a link in the comments down below! And if you don’t have any of those photos, all the more reason to get out and capture some this weekend.