Chicago-based Cocu Liu is one of the most talented, composition-driven photographers we’ve run across on 500px. Forget that he captures his photos with an iPhone or other smartphone (and all the stigma that this fact brings with it) for a moment and just look at his images.

Each photo is a masterful composition: a combination of shape, light, and shadow that leads the viewer’s eye where he wants it to go.

The photos are, for lack of a more pretentious way of putting it, pleasant to look at. Sometimes he makes use of symmetry, other times he weights his compositions on one side or the other, but clearly he takes a Steve McCurry-esque approach to creating his images… and it’s working. He was even been featured by Apple as part of their recent Apple World Gallery.

Here are some of our favorite images from the Instagram all-star’s portfolio:

Cocu, like a few other 500px photographers we’ve run across, has blown up on Instagram but hasn’t yet gotten his due within our community. Go show his account some love and let’s close the gap between the 50K people who follow him on IG and the 500 that follow him on 500px!