500px invites Studio Contributors and select stock contributors to submit to themed ‘Contributor Quests’ in an effort to promote and recognize our network of talented photographers. Our first Contributor Quest captured the power of running—read on to learn more about the photographer and the winning shot.

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About the photographer:

My name is Hayden Stinebaugh, and I’m located in Detroit, MI. I got started in photography around my freshman year of college, when I was playing around with a family member’s DSLR. Eventually, I got so into it that I purchased my own entry-level camera and decided to take on photography as a minor degree at school, while majoring in graphic design. By my junior year of college, I knew I wanted to pursue photography fully, but finished out the design degree to have both. I did some internships in the Detroit area and started getting my name out there, and next thing you know, I was working as a freelancer full-time.

Armond by Hayden Scott on 500px.com

The story behind the shot:

My submission to the 500px Studio ‘Jog It Out’ Contributor Quest was an image I took during a shoot for Lululemon; we were in the Eastern Market neighborhood of Detroit. I used a Canon 5D Mark IV and the Canon 24-70mm f2.8 version II lens for this shoot. The concept wasn’t too in depth, I knew I wanted a clean action shot.

When it comes to photographing people, I like to keep the backgrounds pretty minimal. I don’t like when a background competes for attention with the subject. I will say that when I shoot athletic imagery, I always have this idea of Nike imagery in the back of my mind. I think about those epic running shots that really showcase fast movement. It’s also important to take into account the stride of the runner—leg position can make or break these images.

The best part of the shoot:

What I loved the most about this shoot was its relaxed environment. I’ve become friends with a lot of the Lululemon people, and these shoots are usually pretty laid back. Most of the time, the creative direction is left up to me, which is nice.

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