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I’ve been desk-bound for most for this week, so I’ve relished the chance to dive into other cities and landscapes on 500px. From Turkey’s fairytale Golcuk Lake, to the soulful landscapes of Monument Valley, to wintery beauty in Lofoten, Norway, I’ve been able to indulge my imagination thanks to the talented photographers in the 500px community.

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Banff National Park, Canada

By Jason Charles Hill

Leave the light on.. by Jason Charles Hill on 500px.com

Mt Fuji, Japan

By Kyon JTrophime

Mirror of... by Kyon.J  on 500px.com

Alberta, Canada

By Alen Palander

Banff National Park, Alberta. by Alen Palander on 500px.com

Matterhorn, Switzerland

By Jan Geerk


Lofoten, Norway

By Stefano Termanini

Lofoten sunset by Stefano Termanini on 500px.com

Golcuk Lake, Turkey

By MuratEmreCan

Beauty Lake ... by MuratEmreCan on 500px.com

Tokyo Met Offices, Japan

By Peter Stewart

The Bends by Peter Stewart on 500px.com

Monument Valley, USA

By Andrea Izzotti

Balooning on Monument Valley by Andrea Izzotti on 500px.com

Tower Bridge, London

By The Narratographer

Tower Bridge Sunrise by The Narratographer  on 500px.com

Burj Khalifah, Dubai

By Rustam Azmi

the Amazing Burj Khalifah by Rustam Azmi on 500px.com