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I cannot believe it is almost 2016. The years are really seemingly to fly by… but as time passes, I find myself being more and more impressed with the skill level and number of photographers I have discovered this year through 500px.

Keep up the awesome work everybody! And happy holidays! Stay safe.

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Horseshow Bend, Arizona

By Patrick Marson Ong

Vermilion Colors of Horseshoe Bend, Arizona by Patrick Marson Ong on 500px.com

Lofoten Islands, Norway

By Simon Roppel

Untouched by Simon Roppel on 500px.com

Alpe di Suisi, Dolomites, Italy

By Guerel Sahin

The Shire by guerel sahin on 500px.com

Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

By Paul Zizka

Astroyoga by Paul Zizka on 500px.com


By Arnar Guðjónsson

From Iceland with love... by Arnar Guðjónsson on 500px.com

San Francisco, California

By Ryan Millier

Twin Peaks by Ryan Millier on 500px.com

Havanna, Cuba

By Alen Palander

Havana, Cuba. by Alen Palander on 500px.com

Abu Dhabu, United Arab Emirites

By Olivier Moulin

Abu Dhabi Grand Mosquee - Colors at night by Olivier MOULIN on 500px.com

Frog Beach, Panama/strong>

By Florian Winter

Panama, Frog Beach by Florian Winter  on 500px.com

Azore Islands

By Carlos Carmo

Storm over Azores... by Carlos Carmo on 500px.com