It turns out it’s not just the most talented, world-famous wildlife photographers that use 500px—think Will Burrard-Lucas—the funniest live here too!

The belly laugh-inducing Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards announced their winners for 2015 the other day, and lo and behold, the top prize went to 500px photographer Julian Rad!

Julian’s hilarious photo of a wild hamster at full-tilt—chubby cheeks flailing in the wind, feet going a million miles an hour—took first place just a couple of months after he uploaded it to 500px and earned a crazy pulse of 99.8. He even showed up in one of our “This Week in Popular” posts!

Rush Hour by Julian Rad on

The silver and bronze runners up, sadly, aren’t 500pxers (you can see their entries at My Modern Met) but a few more of the short-listers were as well, and definitely deserve a pat on the back.

They include Alison Buttigieg‘s gut-busting image of a wild Verreaux’s Sifaka “dancing”:

Quo vadis? by Alison Buttigieg on

Charlie Davidson‘s image of a gannet struggling against a strong wind with… let’s call it “grace”:

Gannet by charlie davidson on

And, my personal favorite, Mohammed Alnaser‘s image of a young cheetah putting on the brakes a bit TOO hard:

Be Different by Mohammed Alnaser on

Congratulations to Julian, whose image is the clear winner, and all the other 500pxers who earned honorable mentions or submitted hilarious photos. We’re so honored you’re part of our community!

If you submitted one of your images to the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards—or maybe you just wish you had!—upload to 500px and drop us a link int he comments. We’d love to see (and laugh at) them.