Is the iPhone X camera any better than the iPhone 7? Kodak’s Ektachrome Film might be getting a second life, Time Magazine Celebrates Women in 12 Covers – All Shot on iPhone… read about all this and more in our weekly roundup of photography news.

1. Is the iPhone X Camera Any Better Than the iPhone 7?

Apple’s new launch, the iPhone X, comes with series of exciting new features, though the camera seems to have had minor updates. Apart from the new image stabilization function and wider lens aperture, the main new feature in the iPhone camera is the TrueDepth system, which allows it to accurately identify subject and background. This allows for a few simulations such as the “Portrait Lighting mode,” which recognizes and removes the background in portraits. A hands-on review by Tech Radar comments:

“The camera itself felt fine, very similar to previous iterations – in short, this was all about being able to sense the surroundings rather than taking better photos”

—slightly disappointing news for mobile photography enthusiasts.

Image Courtesy of Apple
Image: Courtesy of Apple

Source: Tech Radar

2. Time Magazine Celebrates Women in 12 Covers – All Shot on iPhone

Photographer Luisa Dörr was invited to photograph the covers of Time’s series “Firsts – women who are changing the world.” For this specific project, the Brazil-based photographer decided to take all portraits using just an iPhone and a reflector. In an interview for Time magazine, Luisa explains her choice to use the smartphone. Read the full article here.

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Source: Time Magazine

3. Is Kodak’s Ektachrome Film Getting a Second Life?

With the comeback of film photography, Kodak has decided to bring back their famous Ektachrome film in 2018. The company plans to have a limited supply available by the end of the year for market testing. This information came from a comment from the Kodak Facebook page and is yet to be verified by an official press release, but, if the market tests go right, the Ektachrome might be back next year!

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Source: The Phoblographer

4. London’s 24h Underground in Pictures

London recently launched the Night Tubes system, keeping the London Underground Services open all night during weekdays. Street photographers Arif Jawad, Kiran Bhamra Cox and Ed Robertson saw this as an opportunity to capture everything that goes on on the London underground. See the full article here.

Night Tubes by Arif Jawad on

Source: ISO

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