Nikon’s D810 just got an upgrade, Google can now remove your watermarks, the future of photography… read about all this and more in our weekly roundup of photography news.

1. A first look at the Nikon D850

Nikon’s D810 just got an upgrade. Nikon’s new release, the D850, comes with a 46MP backside illuminated CMOS sensor and 7fps continuous shooting capacity. The newly developed BSI sensor is expected to improve peripheral image quality. Read more about the new features on DPReview.

Nikon D4 and Nikkor 24-70mm F/2.8G by Leslie Tan on

Source: DPreview

2. Google can now perfectly remove watermarks on stock photos

At the 2017 Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference, Google presented research on software that can accurately and automatically remove watermarks from photos. The software first goes through a large sample of photos that allows it to identify how the watermark is applied and accurately remove it. As a follow-up, the company came up with a safer kind of watermarks, with slight shifts from one to the other, making it impossible for the software to remove them, at least for now.

G by Yaroslav Petrukhno on

Source: Giz Modo

3. Joel Meyerowitz on “The Power of the Frame” and street photography

Joel Meyerowitz, a big name in street photography, shares his insights on how to create interesting photos by focusing on framing. Joel strongly argues that not only what’s included in the frame is important but also what’s left out of it: “[…] you must continue to keep in mind that there’s plenty of stuff off-stage, and what bearing the rest of the off-stage have on [the potential of your photograph].” Watch the full video below.

Source: Phaidon Press

4. The Future of photography

With constantly evolving technologies, every photographer wonders about what the future looks like. The Cooperative of Photography made a video with 10 predictions on what the future of photography will look like. Check out all the predictions below.

Source: COOPH

5. Exploring underwater photography

Underwater photography can be tricky but can also create amazing results. Check out this underwater gallery curated by 500px Designer Stephanie Algieri as well as camera recommendations for you to try out underwater photography yourself! See the full gallery here.

Chilling by Brett Stanley on

Sea Snake by invisbear on

Source: ISO

Highlights from Editor’s Choice

The photos we’re currently loving, curated by 500px guest editors: Blake Pleasant and Marta Syrko.

Dream Awake by Ellie Victoria Gale on

Budapest Central Market Hall by Simon Alexander on

Flowers and Floorboards No.1 by Frederick Ardley on

Le foyer-III by Miriam Valle on

The man with an umbrella by Ehsanul Siddiq Aranya on