Swimming with horses in Dominica. How many people can cross this experience off their bucket list? We can name one, and that’s photographer Sarah Lee. When we need waves of inspiration for seaside getaways and beach escapes, her 500px page is the first place we go to.

Based in Hawaii, this talented underwater and surf photographer cites a childhood spent in and around the water as her number one inspiration for picking up a camera and diving into various oceans around the world to create epic shots and shoot breathtaking stories! One of those stories, of course, is the one behind the once-in-a-lifetime photo (for many of us) she captured below. Scroll down and read on to get the full story behind the shot, straight from Sarah Lee herself!

Swimming with Horses in Dominica by Sarah Lee on 500px.com

“As a child growing up surrounded by 26 acres of coffee fields in Hawaii in a dense forest, I was obsessed with horses. Because I was also a competitive swimmer, one of my childhood dreams was to swim with horses in the ocean. Deep in the Caribbean on the most mountainous island named Dominica, that dream came true! Sure, it wasn’t like the romanticized scene from the first Black Stallion film, set on a deserted stretch of white sandy beach, but it came real close. Pictured in this photo is adventurer, filmmaker, and soul surfer Alison Teal.”

This photo isn’t the only one she has of people swimming in harmony with wildlife. She has taken more like this, and we love how she captured what it means for humans to co-exist with the natural environment and other living things under the sea. Scroll down to see more!

turtle friend by Sarah Lee on 500px.com

angels of the sea by Sarah Lee on 500px.com

alison and some friends by Sarah Lee on 500px.com

the leaf game by Sarah Lee on 500px.com

yew! by Sarah Lee on 500px.com

one fish two fish by Sarah Lee on 500px.com

peas in a pod by Sarah Lee on 500px.com

To see more of her indelible work, follow Sarah Lee on 500px. Or check her out her personal blog.