If today’s trending topic #NationalSelfieDay is any indication—selfies are here to stay. Love ’em or hate ’em, this casual style of self-portraiture is poised to take its place as a mainstay in photography. One thing we’re pleasantly surprised about is that finally, we’re seeing the art of the selfie outlive the ridicule it has gotten over the past years. (Can you blame the haters though? The dead-in-the-eye, uninspired duck lip selfie still exists, and it is truly annoying.)

At least in the 500px community, you won’t find just any basic selfie. More and more, we’re seeing photographers and artists alike get creative and experimental with taking photos of themselves, or parts of themselves.

And we’re not even talking about self-portraits shot with a tripod and a remote, perfectly framed with the photographer posed against a scene. By selfie, we mean the first-person perspective portrait snapped within an arm’s length of the photographer, capturing a spontaneous vibe and a trace of the shooter’s own personality in the spur of the moment.

In honor of #NationalSelfieDay, we gathered 15 different selfie styles—from the stunning to the quirky—that caught our eye. Perhaps you’ll pick up an idea or two for the time when you want to turn the camera on yourself. Scroll down, and get inspired!

Our most favorite selfie of all time in our community is a selfie shot from space…

Spacesuit Selfie by Klassy Goldberg on 500px

So epic that we have to share this second one.

The Edge of Space by Klassy Goldberg on 500px

Swimming in a magical lake full of jellyfish. But first, he took a selfie.

Selfie with style in Jellyfish lake by Klassy Goldberg on 500px

Organic elements you chance upon in nature, like this puddle, can turn up the drama in the story of your selfie.

Macau, China. by Klassy Goldberg on 500px

Taking the popular #fromwhereistand and #fromwhereisit movement to new heights.

From Where I Dangle My Feet by Klassy Goldberg on 500px

He did it so you wouldn’t have to. Don’t try this at home, unless you have the right gear and permission.

Reach for the stars by Klassy Goldberg on 500px

This one you can try at home. Mirrors make selfies more interesting.

viva love by Klassy Goldberg on 500px

Put the panorama to use when your views are 360 degrees of awesome.

Flying over Soca Valley, Slovenia by Klassy Goldberg on 500px

We’re obsessed with the #handsinframe movement shot in lush landscapes…

Birds whispering by Klassy Goldberg on 500px

…and in charming cityscapes.

Discovering new views. by Klassy Goldberg on 500px

Capture #fromwhereilay with your loved ones…

#wokeuplikethis by Klassy Goldberg on 500px

Last Summer by Klassy Goldberg on 500px

…or #fromwhereilay with the things and places you love.

Selfportrait with Eiffel by Klassy Goldberg on 500px

If you need a helping (extended) hand, you can cheat with a GoPro.

Captain at work by Martijn Kort on 500px.com

Fandom tip: Give your camera or phone to a famous person and ask him to take a selfie. OHAI Steph!

'Can you take a snapchat of me' - Steph Curry by Klassy Goldberg on 500px

We can’t do a selfie roundup without including the work of the self-portrait queen herself, Cristina Otero whose many images have gone viral over the years.

mandarina. by Klassy Goldberg on 500px

And here’s a bonus…

For when you need to post or share anything on Caturday.

#SELFIE by Klassy Goldberg on 500px

Keep shooting, keep practicing, keep honing your craft!

Did we miss out on your creative selfie? Leave a comment below—who knows, maybe we’ll do a Part 2!