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Drones are a popular yet expensive hobby. While many have been using drones for reasons ranging from business to recreational, there have been reports of drones being shot down and drones crashing into things. There’s even drone insurance, which just goes to show that drones are probably here to stay. However, a company called ParaZero has taken drone protection even further by placing a parachute on your drone, just in case it meets its untimely end.

The ParaZero SafeAir is a drone fitted with a capsule that holds a parachute that deploys in less than a second, designed for hobbyist drones that might fly into some precarious situations. This drone knows when it’s in danger sooner than whoever is in control, as it’s been programmed to deploy its parachute automatically without any user input when it detects it’s free-falling. Working with Chinese drone company DJI on this product, ParaZero intends to expand its reach into the commercial and premium markets as well, according to TechCrunch.

Founded in 2012 just before the drone boom, ParaZero and its CEO, Eden Attias, want the SafeAir parachute to work for all drones. Attias claimed that the SafeAir can not only work with hobbyist drones, but drones weighing hundreds of kilograms as well. “It’s clear that drones are set to play a major role in our future, whether they are used as aerial cameras, rapid delivery systems or for private enjoyment. In light of this, ensuring that these devices are operated safely and protecting individuals and property on the ground is paramount,” he said.

Attias is adding an extra layer (quite literally) to drone safety, and has compared his product to airbags in automobiles. “Our system provides a reliable solution for the industry, just like an airbag, that acts automatically, whether there is a critical malfunction or a loss of power. Most importantly, our system works rapidly and at very low altitudes ensuring maximum effectiveness.” These parachutes can lessen the damage done to drones if they’re shot out of the sky, for instance, or technical errors that force a drone to suddenly fall from flight. The parachute’s could have an effect in the growing drone insurance industry, possibly giving insurers a bit more peace of mind and leading to lower insurance premiums. If you’re interested in witnessing SafeAir up close and personal, DroneLife reports it will be showcased at XPONENTIAL, a convention showcasing the latest in robotics, drones, unmanned systems and more on May 2-5, 2016, at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA.

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