Once in a while we stumble on a really incredible member of the 500px community… and once in a while we are so amazed by their collection of images we immediately think they’re fake and block him, only to apologize profusely later.

That, more or less, is what happened with Niko Tavernise‘s account about a week ago.

When our Customer Excellence team stumbled across an account that consisted entirely of movie scenes and movie posters, they assumed it was fake, deleted all the photos, and sent a warning. I mean, who on 500px could possibly have photos from the set of Spiderman on their account!?

Er… well.. actually Niko is exactly the type of person who could (and does) have those kinds of photos on his account.

A set photographer, filmmaker, editor, and more, Niko’s portfolio is packed full of behind the scenes and official photos from movies like Black Swan, The Amazing Spiderman 2, The Wrestler, and more.

Here’s an all-star sampling from the talented shooter’s account:

You can see more photos on Niko’s 500px account, his website, his Instagram, or by following him on Twitter.