500px is a diverse community. We take great pride in being able to offer a platform where photographers from all walks of life have the ability to express themselves without a filter. Like many companies, the events that have taken place this year have deeply upset us and highlighted the need to do something more and take action now.

Along with making a donation to Black Lives Matter – Canada, we have also partnered with Feature Shoot and 29 Black photographers to create a free eBook that explains how the Photo Community Can Support Black Lives Matter.

The purpose of this eBook is to share actionable ways the photography community can support the Black Lives Matter movement, Black photographers, and start to dismantle the anti-Black racism found within the photography industry.

By downloading the eBook we hope you will learn more about:

  • How all photographers can help to boost Black creatives
  • How those who hire photographers can support diverse stories told through a Black lens
  • How to cover Black Lives Matter protests with sensitivity and respect, while amplifying Black voices
  • Insights from Black photographers on how to be an ally within the Black Lives Matter movement
  • What you can do to create a more diverse and inclusive environment within the photo industry
  • How the photography community can support Black photographers & Black Lives Matter in an authentic, sustainable way

Be part of the movement and download the eBook today!

Click this link to download the free eBook