It’s not news that I have a bit of an obsession with great, top-down, abstract aerial photography, but I think it’s justified.

A wooded road, so familiar and banal to someone who has driven it a hundred times, become a vein of humanity carving a defiant course through nature’s domain when seen from above. A cabin, unremarkable or even dilapidated from the ground, becomes a speck of humanity screaming our presence to the heavens when it’s photographed from the heavens.

These are the thoughts I have when I scroll through the aerial photography of Tobias Hagg, one of my newer obsessions on 500px. And with photos like this, it’s easy to understand why:

Woodchester by Tobias Hägg on

A Swedish “visual creator” with over 12K followers on Instagram, it’s shocking to me that he hasn’t acquired more of a following on 500px. On 500px, where quality is the defining factor behind the work that gets noticed, he should have far more than the 126 followers he does.

Maybe this collection and spotlight will help with that number. But regardless, even if it doesn’t, I’ll still be following his work obsessively. Now excuse me while I go think up more high minded analogies to describe his work…

Leave a mark by Tobias Hägg on

Above Water & Wind by Tobias Hägg on

Cabin Life by Tobias Hägg on

Icebreaker by Tobias Hägg on

Aspen by Tobias Hägg on

Tiny Isle by Tobias Hägg on

One way in One way out by Tobias Hägg on

A place to think by Tobias Hägg on

Narnia by Tobias Hägg on

Getting ready for spring by Tobias Hägg on

Autumn fields by Tobias Hägg on

The Cottage by Tobias Hägg on

Euphoria by Tobias Hägg on

To see more of Tobias’ work, be sure to follow him on 500px or give his account some love on Instagram. I don’t think you’ll regret it.