It’s a girl! That’s the title of 500px all-star Adrian Murray‘s latest upload to the community, but it’s also a big announcement!

The popular family photographer—whose images of his two little boys, often playing with their beloved teddy bear, have gone viral across the Web—decided to use 500px to announce that he and his wife are expecting a little girl in September!

Of course, being a photographer, he had to get creative about announcing it, so he posted the photo below along with the message:

We are officially having a little baby girl in September. The wife and I took the boys out to get an announcement photo. This was the one we decided was the best. 🙂

We can’t congratulate Adrian enough, and are so excited to see the newest edition to the family start appearing all over his portfolio in a few months time—something Adrian himself told us would happen when we reached out to say congrats over Twitter:

We can’t wait to see the little one start whipping those boys into shape! So if you don’t already, go ahead and follow Adrian on 500px! His portfolio is beyond adorable and, in about 3 months, it’s gonna get even better.