Are you a photographer who sells presets, online courses, or access to a workshop? Do you write articles or create videos? Or are you a photographer who is constantly looking for new Resources to consume so you can grow your skills? Well, look no further because you can now do all of those things on 500px!

The team at 500px is excited to announce the launch of the Resource Hub in addition to updates to existing features.

Keep reading to learn about all the changes!

Resources & Resource Hub

The Resource Hub is a marketplace where you can find endless Resources to help you improve your skills and explore new areas of photography. Photographers from all over the world with a wide variety of expertise list their workshops, online classes, presets, videos, and more for you to discover… all in one place!

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As a 500px community member, there are two ways you can use the Resource Hub: as a consumer or a creator.

As a consumer:

All 500px members have access to the Hub! You can find Resource Hub under the Discover section on both the web and Android app (coming to iOS soon).

Think of the Hub like a search engine. If you already know what type of Resource you’re interested in (for example let’s say you want to learn more about portraits) then you simply go to the search bar, type in “portraits” and all Resources with that keyword will show up in the results. You can also filter your search by article, video, workshop, etc. so you can learn in whatever way works best for you. Resources listed in the Hub can be free or cost money—but all revenue goes directly to the photographer!

A scrolling view of the new 500px Home Feed design

Not sure what you’re looking for or where to start? No problem! We’ve broken down the Resource Hub into sections to make discovery easy.

Featured Resources: Our team of Editors is regularly reviewing all Resources and will feature ones that we think the community will love

Starting soon: Here you can find all of the Resources that have a specific start date and time

Articles: This section is full of interesting blog posts, guides, and written tutorials

Videos: Video tutorials, how-tos, BTS, and more

Online Workshops: View all the workshops and courses you can take to improve your skills or learn something new from the comfort of your home

In-person Workshops: For those who prefer to learn in-person

Other (online): Well we can’t say for certain what you’ll find here, think presets, portfolio reviews, and other useful Resources

Other (in-person): Here you’ll likely find different photography events and activities like photo walks!

Check out Resource Hub

As a creator:

All 500px Pro members have the ability to create and publish unlimited Resources (if you’re not a Pro member but want to publish your Resources you can upgrade your membership here). A Resource can be any photography-related content that you offer online or in person. These can be both paid and free.

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This means if you sell something like presets, or access to a workshop, for example, you can add those as a Resource to your 500px Profile. Those Resources will automatically get posted to the Hub where members of the community can discover and purchase through your site. Any revenue you get through the Hub is 100% yours—there are no revenue splits.

You can also list Resources that are free. Maybe you created a video that you want the world to see or you wrote a killer blog post you think others would enjoy. All you need to do is add a Resource on your Profile and it will go into the Hub and drive traffic to your site.

When you add your Resources to 500px you get:

  • Unlimited listings – As a Pro member you can add unlimited Resources to your Profile and the Hub. If you have it, share it with the community!
  • Valuable insights – See how each Resource performs on 500px with metrics like views and click throughs.
  • No fees or revenue splits – There’s no additional charge or revenue split for any of the Resources you add.
  • A dedicated landing page for every Resource you publish. Your Resources will also appear on your photo pages and profile for extra exposure.
  • A large targeted audience – Reach a diverse and global audience of photographers who are eager to learn and improve their skills.
  • Your choice of medium – It doesn’t matter if it’s a blog, video, or in-person event, you can promote all of your photography-related Resources regardless of medium.

To create a Resource:

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1. Go to the Resource tab on your Profile and click “Add a Resource” (this can only be done on web)
2. Complete the form and make sure you include the type of Resource you are offering, any associated cost, location, and/or date
3. Choose a cover photo that relates to your Resource (hint: this photo will act as the face of your Resource on 500px and when you share it on your social channels)
4. Publish your Resource and it will automatically get posted to the Hub

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Awesome on Android

All the features of Awesome, now available on the 500px Android App (if you’re a Pro member you also have access to these features). Unlimited uploads, Liked Photos, Statistics, Profile badge, and Gallery slideshows (now with Chromecast compatibility). Easily purchase and manage your subscription through the Google Play Store.

Awesome things coming for iOS too!

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Feature highlights

  • Take your Awesome membership features on the go with you
  • Easily filter, search, and create Galleries via your Liked Photos
  • Manage your membership via the Google Play Store
  • Already have an Awesome membership? You automatically have Awesome on your Android device!
  • When you purchase an Awesome membership on Android, you get all all the features on web as well

Activity Feed

We’ve made design updates and added new sections so you can stay up to date with what the photographers you follow are up to on 500px! See what photos they like, Galleries they are featured in, when they are added to a Quest shortlist, and more.

Now on Android and coming to web and iOS soon!

A view of recommended content in the new 500px Home Feed

Feature highlights

  • An easy new way to discover new photos and photographers
  • See what’s inspiring other photographers on 500px

Download the latest Android app

New Home Feed Design

Your home feed, your way! We’ve added the ability for you to customize your Home Feed with three size options for viewing photos.

Feature highlights

  • Easily switch between three viewing sizes on your Home Feed
  • Customize your viewing experience

Membership Plans

Because every photographer is different! Check out our membership plans and choose what’s right for you.

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