There’s a special place in our Home Feed for women who photograph other women. In honor of International Women’s Week, we’ve dedicated this week’s Editors’ Choice selection to portraits of women from different walks of life, photographed by other women. Enjoy this week’s roundup of diverse, eye-catching photography shot by some of the talented women in our community.

In the shadows by Marie Dashkova on

My cozy carpet by Natasha Yankelevich on

Shadow Memory by Olga Gridina on

IMG by Nika  on

VB by Kelly Clark on

... by Adriana Pailová on

she by Marta Syrko on

Natalie by Sara Brudkiewicz on

Lara Vogel Nr. 2 by Celine Marie Daliot on

DS240 - ISA BELLA by Dariane Sanche on

Isabel by Daria Klepikova on

In the journey by Masha Traskovskaya on

Untitled by Nima (Fashion Ph) on

Love Yourself II by Inna Mosina on

book craving by Aga Raczkiewicz on

The Rising by Kindra Nikole on

Stars. by Julia Dávila-Lampe on

Marta by Bussardel'  on

Breathing by Eman Mansour on

Merge by Denise Kwong on

Bronze by Kateryna Gorbanov on

1 by Paulina Angielczyk on

slow & steady wins the race by Amanda Carlson on

Granny next door #beautyqween by Evely Duis on

Fish in silence by Aryna Pushkevich on

homeshooting by Laura-Marie  on

Anne-Marie by Joëlle Roy-Chevarier on

Dunja i Lara by Luana Muški? on

Filter by Wildcherry Photography on

Lull by Alice Consonni on

Doris by Aleksandra Lemke on

Meme by Carla Maydana on

© chicheri by raquel chicheri on

Twins by Mariya Gurjeeva on

9 0 by Banira  on

dream by Katy Martynova on

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