For our recent Photo Quest with, we asked you to submit photos that showcased innovation. Whether they were images that captured inventive design or photos that celebrated new ideas, we were inspired by your creative and original submissions!

The lucky winner of this Photo Quest is Zev Hoover with his image “Ideas.” This lucky photographer will receive a 27-inch iMac with Retina 5K display and will have their photo licensed by

ideas by zev hoover on

Meet the photographer, Zev Hoover: “I am an amateur photographer based in Massachusetts. I like exploring ideas around perspective in my pictures, which is why a few years ago I started a project called ‘littlefolk,’ where I would use photo editing to composite real people into macro scenes. The world is completely different when experienced at a different scale, and that idea really fascinates me. Recently, I have gotten more and more into 3D rendering as well as video, and I really want to try more combining those things with my photography.”

Hoover also gives us the story behind his winning photo: “The photo came about at a time when I was pretty stuck for inspiration. I sort of consider myself a conceptual photographer, which is a phrase I refrain from using usually because it sounds pretentious—but I just mean it as an approach to photography where you start with an idea or feeling and try to convey it, instead of trying to capture the world as you come upon it. I’m not saying it’s harder than other types of photography, but because it starts from an idea, it is easy to have a sort of “photographer’s block,” where you just don’t know where to begin. Anyway, I got thinking about that, and about what we are without ideas and came up with the idea for this photo. After a bit of soldering to an antique light bulb and figuring how to float a light fixture right where I needed it, I shot it that night into the wee hours and edited it the next day.”

For more inspiration, take a look through the submissions by our runners up:

A distinct view by Gevorg Matevosyan on

Man in the Mirror by Cyril Young on

Parkour Paradise by Søren Thuesen on


Watching patterns by bolandrotor on

Up in the Air by Samy Al Olabi on

Inspiration by Sarah Bowman on

No Idea by Stanislav Novak on

Leading Lines by Andy Yeung on

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