Photo: Assorted breakfast pastries with jam and milk by Adrian Mišiak

We love delicious food—and, of course, taking photos of delicious food. For our recent Photo Quest, we asked you to submit your best photos of comfort food. The result? Tons of beautiful images of delicious-looking eats!

Though there were so many amazing images of mouthwatering meals, the winner was Adrian Mišiak with his photo “Assorted breakfast pastries with jam and milk.” This lucky winner received a 500px swag pack.

assorted breakfast pastries with jam and milk by Adrian Mišiak on

Meet the photographer, Adrian Mišiak: “I am 41 years old, and I live in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia. I am an amateur photographer. In the past I was shooting mushrooms only for my joy. Right now I am working on the microstock themes and landscape. My goal is to progress in working with light and on a better composition of my photos.”

Mišiak told us the story behind his winning image: “I got this idea for this photography when I was having a breakfast with my family. The picture was created in my home studio… After shooting we ate it all with my family.”

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