Our fondness for feline photos will never be satisfied, thanks to the photographers in our community who continue to share their fantastic cat photos with us week after week. Now that doesn’t mean we don’t look for variety in your shots anymore. The more unique the photo, the better to share, especially on a day like today! (It is Caturday, after all.) That’s why we rounded up these creative Renaissance painting-inspired portraits of cat ladies which caught our attention—and hearts!

Scroll down, and get ready to be trans-paw-ted to another period in time.

Girl with cat by Cathy Blampey on 500px.com

Aislinn & Sphynx by Liat Aharoni on 500px.com

Cat eyes by Zaneta Frenn on 500px.com

Lady with Don sphynx by ?????? ?????????? on 500px.com

girl and cat by Anton Nozdrevatyh on 500px.com

Cute Cat by Mark Morano on 500px.com

Maja and Thomas by Simona Nálepková on 500px.com

Girl with a cat by Julia Wimmerlin on 500px.com

Oriental occidental by Lia Mstislavskaya on 500px.com

Love by Roman Fatehov on 500px.com

Untitled by Xenia Lau on 500px.com

Nine by Aida Redzepagic on 500px.com

a portrait of a girl and her cat by Rosie Anne Prosser on 500px.com

Pockets room by Ettone on 500px.com

Katrin by Daniella Figotina on 500px.com

Girl with cat by Cathy Blampey on 500px.com

Black Cat by Mark Morano on 500px.com

Untitled by Anna Pozarycka on 500px.com

self-portrait whit cat by Oksana Mikhaylova on 500px.com

Nigerian soul. by Mara Saiz Photo on 500px.com

Forever yours by Simona Nálepková on 500px.com

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