One of the best things about light painting is how incredibly accessible it is! You don’t need a crazy camera, or insane lens, or expensive accessories. Nope: as light painting master, 500px user, and friend Eric Paré proved this beyond the shadow of a doubt (see what I did there?) with his latest DIY experiment.

Using $4 colored tube guards purchased from TAP Plastics (but also available through Amazon) he was able to create series of genuinely cool images with friend and long-time photography partner, dancer Kim Henry:

Circular light-painting by Eric  Paré on

Light-painting at Golden Gate Bridge by Eric  Paré on

Light-painting with Kim Henry by Eric  Paré on

Eric explained how he uses these cheap light painting accessories in a FB group I was fortunate enough to be a part of (since then, this awesome tip has been published on DIY Photography AND PetaPixel):

Once you’ve got [the tubes], it’s really simple: you set your camera on a tripod on bulb mode, and you trigger by yourself using a remote. On [the bottom two photos], I used 2x 300 lumens flashlights inside the tubes, and I simply created the shapes behind Kim. Exposure time: about 3 seconds!

A cheap and simple way to get really great results. We really couldn’t ask for anything more from our DIY solutions.

Light-painting tube - bts by Eric  Paré on

Light-painting tube - bts by Eric  Paré on

To keep up with Eric and Kim as they continue to make wonderful work together, be sure to follow Eric on 500px. You can also find Eric on Facebook and both Eric and Kim have their own Instagram accounts: ericparephoto and