It turns out the Czech Republic has an amazing array of beauty to offer photographers. We already introduced you to Prague through the eyes of a local last week; today, we drive about 2 hours south to meet photographer Petr Kubat and discover the fairytale city of Cesky Krumlov.

Petr is a photography enthusiast from South Bohemia in the Czech Republic, an amateur who enjoys photographing landscapes, cities, and monuments.

His favorite city, one of the most beautiful in Europe if not the world, is Cesky Krumlov—another UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts much of Prague’s magical beauty while maintaining an intimacy that a city of Prague’s size simply couldn’t.

Night and magical city by Petr Kubát on

Here’s how Petr describes the city… a “paradise for photographers” that you’ll be wanting to visit as soon as you’re done reading and scrolling through his beautiful photos of this magic city:

Fairytale city Cesky Krumlov is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and my favourite photo location.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is a lively, cosmopolitan town with a unique atmosphere surrounded by unspoiled countryside and dominated by a castle stretching over the meandering Vltava River.

The castle was built by the Witigonen family, the main branch of the powerful Rosenberg family in the 13th century. One of the largest castles in central Europe, it is a complex of forty buildings and palaces, situated around five castle courts and a castle park spanning an area of seven hectares!

The mighty complex of the castle is erected on a rock promontory that has been sculpted by the Vltava river from the southern side and by Polecnice stream from the north, towering proudly above the refined Renaissance and Baroque architecture of the town below. The town, together with the magnificent Church of St. Vitus and the complex of the castle, creates an unique feature of the whole region.

Cesky Krumlov is a paradise for photographers.

Now that you’ve heard about the city, it’s time to walk its streets with Petr as you guide. Enjoy these beautiful photos of Cesky Krumlov from his 500px profile:

Autumn Time III. by Petr Kubát on

Magical Krumlov by Petr Kubát on

Spring Colours by Petr Kubát on

Summer in ?eský Krumlov by Petr Kubát on

Magical Cesky Krumlov in Winter by Petr Kubát on

Magical Krumlov by Night by Petr Kubát on

Summer in Krumlov by Petr Kubát on

Faitytale Chateau by Petr Kubát on

Magical Cesky Krumlov (panorama) by Petr Kubát on

Morning in Cesky Krumlov by Petr Kubát on

?eský Krumlov by Petr Kubát on

Good Night, Cesky Krumlov! by Petr Kubát on

Magical Cesky Krumlov by Petr Kubát on

Beautiful city II. by Petr Kubát on

To see more of Petr’s work—including more photos of Cesky—be sure to give his 500px account a follow or go and Like his Facebook Page.

And if there is a particularly beautiful city that holds a special place in YOUR heart, be sure to share it in the comments down below! Let’s discover these lesser known gems together.