We teamed up with the amazingly creative 500px Ambassador, Dina Belenko for a Quest that asked the 500px community to submit their food photos that use bold tones and color blocking.

Dina is an expert when it comes to creating photos that tell a story. Her images are unique, creative, and leave viewers feeling inspired. She asked the community to take their food photography to the next level by using techniques often found in fashion and portrait photography to create a colorful image (with no people or animals, only objects and food) that has a story behind it.

A message from Dina:

Picking a winner from such a fantastic collection of bold colors and cool ideas is a challenge, but an enjoyable one. I was looking for a sense of wonder, for photos that would make me take a moment and consider how they were made. Like a chest with a double bottom or a hidden drawer. I wanted to find images that would make me think: “I wish I’d taken that shot!”
And I found plenty of them.

Technical perfection wasn’t as important as a clever idea, but the winners managed to combine both. I strongly encourage everyone to take a look not only at the Shortlist but the photographer’s Profiles as well.

I hope you’ll be just as delighted as I am.

First Place Winner

Photo by Priscilla Ong

I love everything about this shot. Pastel colors, soft lighting, the way the fishbone defies the subtle tenderness of the pink background. And most of all, I love the second between wondering about the motive for gathering all these items together then looking at the title and collapsing with pure delight.

Runners Up

Photo by Oleksandra Mykhailutsa

So, that’s what makes donuts so delicious! I like the story behind this image as much as the fact that I’m not entirely sure how it was made. Mint background really makes the pink donut “pop” and glitter on the orbits adds to a mesmerizing effect this shot has on me.

Photo by Prakruti M

The idea here is very simple, but what got me is a sheet of yellow paper right behind the green one. Like a ray of sunshine reaching to the tree branches. It pairs nicely with a yellow tinge on the top of the broccoli and adds to a warm feeling of being in the middle of a grass field on a summer day.

Photo by Benito Condemi de Felice

This shot looks like a part of a cool minimalist series that explores patterns. How they change on different surfaces, how they wrap space around (or vice versa). It intrigues me and I want to see more of it.

Photo by Galigrafiya

This is such a fun and delightful image to look at! I’m a sucker for combining real objects with drawings, even with simple ones like this caffeine formula. I wonder where Galigrafiya can take this concept. Looking forward to seeing the exploration of the world where chemistry meets flat lay.

Photo by Oleksandra Mykhailutsa

This is such a captivating shot. The image is unbalanced, everything is in motion, but at the same time, it doesn’t look chaotic. The objects move in harmony, like in a dance. Reminds me of Kandinsky when he tried to capture music as a painting.

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