You don’t have to have a high follower count to produce high-quality work. Our most recent Quest was exclusively created for emerging 500px photographers to highlight incredible work shot by photographers with 1,000 followers or fewer. The challenge was to shoot a creative take on the classic “crouch pose” inspired by ‘90s hip-hop. Read on to learn more about the winning shot and the photographer behind it.

About the photographer:

My powers of observation came to life when I held my first camera. Suddenly, I saw a potential story that had to be documented in every scene. When I was starting out, I shot everything from flowers and landscapes to portraits and crowds.

Crouching tiger by Nikola ?irkovi? on

In the last two years, I began focusing on people and portraits—not because there is always something to shoot, but because of the emotion behind them. Everyone’s face has a story to tell: the wrinkles on their cheeks or hands, even scars are all pieces of the person’s history. I am here to turn that piece of history into a memorable story.

The story behind the winning shot:

It was warm the day I shot the photo, and my friend and I had decided to take a walk around the city. After chatting with a few friends that we’d run into, I noticed my friend’s shoelaces were untied. When he crouched down to tie them, I shouted ”Stay right there after you tie ‘em up!’ And bam—he crouched like he meant it. The best part was that there was no agenda or motive behind the photo. It was really just the right moment from the right angle, with a bit of luck.

Advice for fellow photographers:

I would encourage anyone who loves art to pursue it with passion and fearlessness. Yes, there are a lot of photographers out there, but you are the only one who knows how you see the world and how you want to express it. That is your power. Be bold and use every day to learn and connect with someone new. Then maybe one day (it could even be tomorrow), you’ll find out that your point-of-view is someone’s cup of tea, and you’ll feel you’re headed in the right direction—just like me, with this 500px Quest.

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