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We love Photoshop. We love FREE stuff. So when talented landscape/travel photographer and frequent 500px ISO contributor Jimmy McIntyre told us he was breathing some life back into his FREE Photoshop “Easy Panel,” we were pretty excited.

This panel — which is completely free as long as you’re willing to give Jimmy your email — puts a plethora of useful landscape photography adjustments and cool effects right at your fingertips.

From luminosity masks (a staple), to cinematic effects, to color shifts, to sharpening presets, all of it is built into an easy to use, one-click system. Watch the demo below to see what it can do.

Jimmy’s tutorials are some of the most popular published here on ISO, so when he offers a Photoshop tool completely free, our ears perk up. And given you have nothing to lose by trying it, we suggest you go ahead and click on this link to get yours now.

Finally, by way of signing off, here are a few images from Jimmy’s 500px Profile for inspiration: