May has only just ended, but we’re still thinking about all the incredible photos you submitted to our Best of May Photo Quest, because as per usual they were OUTSTANDING!

We’ve rounded up 13 of our favorites, including two photos whose lucky owners will receive packages filled with mystery swag from the depths of the 500px swag vaults. Read on, and prepare to be inspired!

Amazing Thailand by Watchares Hansawek on

Night over the city by Cristian Todea on

Weightless by Maryna Khomenko on

Sweet dreams by Emil Eriksson on

Dr. Seuss Streetlights by James Cunningham on

The May morris dancers by Martin Chapman Fromm on

Holy Queen by Maryna Khomenko on

Chicago by Crystal  Provencher on

Busy Bee by Matt Knight on

And last but not least, our two winning photos:

Ride for the beer by Sandi Bertoncelj on

Our judges love the concept and execution of this action shot. Images like these are difficult to achieve in sports photography, but the photographer has captured a successful shot by positioning himself low to the ground, which makes the viewer feel like they’re present in that moment. This image is also totally saleable because there’s a human element—it’s model released, and all the logos have been removed. There’s also a focal point for the subject and copy space, making this a truly awesome commercial—and overall—image.

Springtime by Tatiana Tkach on

We loved this shot because it’s minimal and simple, but it’s also flexible for commercial use. It can represent different ideas such as spring, youthfulness, or serenity. The composition leads the viewer’s eye to the subject. From a buyer’s perspective, there’s plenty of space to overlay the photo with text or other creative elements.

And there you have it! Another day, another collection of outstanding images. Congratulations to Sandi Bertoncelj and Tatiana Tkach on their winning images—we’ll be in touch soon about your prizes! If you missed out on this Photo Quest, never fear! There are plenty more to keep you occupied right here. Thanks to everyone who participated in this Quest, and we can’t wait to see what else you’ve got!