Urban exploration photography — that controversial genre that often involves a bit of trespassing — ranges from vertigo-inducing rooftopping photos to images of abandoned homes untouched by humans for decades.

In 2014, the skilled UrbEx photographers on 500px transported us into locations that many of us wouldn’t dare visit in person, often risking life, limb, and more than a few trespassing charges in the process.

Join us as we count down the 10 best photos they captured as a result. We give you, Top 10 UrbEx Photos of 2014:


This last photo, number 11, is a composite, panoramic stitch by the talented Renee Robyn. We’re including it as a bonus instead of in the main countdown because of the processing and compositing required to create it.

It may not be what you would ‘traditionally’ identify as UrbEx photography. It is, however, awesome:

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