We’ve joined forces with Skylum and Iceland Photo Tours to bring an all-expenses-paid photography trip of a lifetime to one lucky winner and their guest in a special two-part photo competition on 500px, via Quests. Today, we’re revealing the winners of Stage 1: 100 talented photographers that will now move on to Stage 2, where they’ll compete for the grand prize.

Here’s a selection of the 100 winners of the “Adventure Seeker” Quest—check out the full list of winners in the official Gallery on 500px, and stay tuned to find out who will win the grand prize!

Perfect evening by Grzegorz Bukalski on 500px.com

Let go by David Priymak on 500px.com

night on alice lake by Sam Brockway on 500px.com

Life above and underwater by Adi Perets on 500px.com

silence by Lesia Lupiychuk on 500px.com

Dronie by Manish Mamtani on 500px.com

Vestrahorn northern light by Tiziano Valeno on 500px.com


Adventuring by Nicolai Brügger on 500px.com

Bridge Crossings by Hayden Scott on 500px.com

El Guardián by Carlos F Turienzo on 500px.com

Woman traveler in azores crater by Márton Hunyadi on 500px.com

Feel the Rush by Chris Melcher on 500px.com

Walking the highline by Julien Blanc on 500px.com

Lake Louise Blue Morning by Megan Belford on 500px.com

Everglades National Park MilkyWay by Brian Reding on 500px.com

Overview by Jonas Kold on 500px.com

The path of camels across the sands by Abdullah Alnassar on 500px.com

Hang En by Sebastian Warneke on 500px.com

The Quiraing by peter holly on 500px.com

Ice Cave by David Miller on 500px.com

Zig Zag by Janne Kahila on 500px.com

Ready for more photos that scream adventure? Don’t miss the full 500px Gallery of winners, and check out our active Quests for more inspiration!