Happy Earth Day! Today is the one day out of the year where the call to preserve, conserve, and protect our planet will be stronger than ever. While you’ll be stumbling upon a lot of stories today about how we’re destroying our this planet we call our home, not all is lost to death and destruction…yet. The sheer beauty and magnificence of the Earth still stands. As seen in the photos below, there’s no denying that this world has more than its share of breathtaking wonders and wildlife. To quote the words of the great Carl Sagan, the Earth is, “the only home we’ve ever known” — and it’s worth protecting and celebrating.

Scroll down for a spectacular journey that takes you through a day in the life of our planet, from sunrise to sunsets — thanks to the awe-inspiring photos we collected in our 500px community.

Kangaroo Breakfast by Jeri Peier on 500px.com

Brave Elephant by Marsel van Oosten on 500px.com

Iguazu falls by Martin Bisof on 500px.com

Green Queen by Ron Coscorrosa on 500px.com

sailfish zen by Alexander Safonov on 500px.com

Colors of Yellowstone by jhribarfoto on 500px.com

Aerial play by Octavio Campos Salles on 500px.com

Hugs by Joseph Chege on 500px.com

The Parting of the Feast by Scott Carr on 500px.com

Heart Reef Australia by Stephanie Schulze on 500px.com

dead sea by Kaveret Pro on 500px.com

Brandy by Daniel Greenwood on 500px.com

pan by alex currie on 500px.com

breakfast by budi

All In The Family by Tony Beck on 500px.com

Flamingos by Michael Poliza on 500px.com

Taft Point by Steve Rokks on 500px.com

Crystal cave in Iceland by OZZO Photography on 500px.com

The Jagged Edge by Bruce Omori on 500px.com

Alien Mother Ship by Derek Burdeny on 500px.com

The Cold Harbor by Max Rive on 500px.com

Twilight Badlands by Sarah Marino on 500px.com

Fluorescence sea of night by Shanye wuyu on 500px.com

. by Silena  Lambertini on 500px.com

Colima Volcano in Mexico, powerful explosion and lightning by Sergio Tapiro Velasco on 500px.com

The Ghost Cave by Max Rive on 500px.com

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