Our 500px community has no shortage of talented, acclaimed photographers whose work have made the pages (and covers) of renowned magazines, have gone viral across the Internet, and have won prestigious awards around the world. But what we find more interesting are the up-and-coming photographers on the verge of stardom, thanks to their fresh, new approach to capturing images. For example, there’s a new wave of young portrait photographers in Rome whose exceptional works are proof that they’re on their way to success—Ciro Galluccio, Chiara Lombardi, Federico Sciuca, and Miriana Pinna. And they’re all just under 30 years old! What’s even more inspiring is they have organized themselves into a community, a sure-fire way to expand their personal and professional network. Recently, they took over the500px Snapchat to capture their Roma Meetup photowalk — and it’s one of the popular galleries on 500px so far. Talk about squad goals! So we’ve decided to feature each one of these rising photographers, so you can put them — and their personal tips and tricks — on your radar.

Last time, we got to know Ciro Galluccio. Next, let’s meet Chiara Lombardi, a 21-year-old student of photography.

Untitled by Chiara Lombardi on 500px.com

To her, a photograph is a simple and effective way to express her ideas and her own self. Scroll down, and get inspired with the second of our four exclusive interviews.

Simbiosi by Chiara Lombardi on 500px.com

Sintesi by Chiara Lombardi on 500px.com

Where do you find inspiration in your work?
I’m inspired by everything that surrounds me, from the visual arts to music to bodies in general.

Soulmates by Chiara Lombardi on 500px.com

Sintesi by Chiara Lombardi on 500px.com

How do you choose your portrait subjects, and how do you approach a relationship with your models?
To capture someone is not a simple thing. The model or subject is the one who interprets your ideas. For this to work, they need to be good at understanding them and do a good job. For this reason, I tend to choose the people who I shoot with carefully. I’m always the first to offer them ideas and I pursue a friendly relationship with them. Understanding is important between the photographer and model. I put my ideas in the form of sketches though I think they’re a little ugly — illustration is not for me! After that, I show them my sketches. I look for a few simple features in my subjects, like skin that can create a good texture, long necks, and elegant hands.

Frange by Chiara Lombardi on 500px.com

How do you develop an idea for a photo?
Usually, I think too much about the photos I want to take. I do a lot of research on literature and art. During the Roma Meetup, this was not possible for me. The only idea I had was a mood that I wanted to convey: shots from below and dynamic, to create something fashionable but also conceptual.

Les amants by Chiara Lombardi on 500px.com

How do you choose a photo title?
Photos don’t always require a title, but sometimes, this is a key point. I heard that the real work is the title, and sometimes it’s true. I like to give a title with an ambiguous meaning to create havoc in the viewer’s mind.

Spit on me by Chiara Lombardi on 500px.com

Mimesis by Chiara Lombardi on 500px.com

Let’s talk about location. How do you go about finding the right one?
I like to shoot in a studio or in any recognizable place, but I love to conceptualize my location by creating space to any place I shoot. I take advantage of tones, light,s and shapes to create more dimensions when I’m shooting a subject.

Pyramid solitaire by Chiara Lombardi on 500px.com

What makes good photo?
Head, heart, and light.

MIMESIS by Chiara Lombardi on 500px.com

What can we find in your camera bag?
The cameras that I prefer is my beloved Canon 6D, which I got through hard work and sacrifice, and my trusty 35mm. I love shooting Polaroid and I own a 600.

I feel you by Chiara Lombardi on 500px.com

How much post-processing is important to you?
I can’t help but go into post-production. It has always existed in my workflow. What I do is usually very simple. I play shades of yellow down, and move the RGB curves at my own leisure.

Untitled by Chiara Lombardi on 500px.com

What’s the story behind this photo?
This is probably one of my favorites that I shot during the Roma Meetup. We entered into the hall of a building in front of the Trevi Fountain. We took advantage of the light coming through the front door. My subject understood me very well! I entitled this photo, “I’ve Loved You So Much.”


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