With the US celebrating the Fourth of July today, we’re getting festive with photos that highlight a tradition of the holiday — sparklers and the brightest of lights! We’re extra inspired today to get creative, so we’re taking our gear out into the summer night to have fun with sparklers and other light sources. Join us and follow along with this photography tutorial by Dina Belenko, which showcases how to capture the fiery light trails created by a lit and carefully positioned sparkler.

Fresh Air by Dmitriy Chzhen on 500px.com

Little sparks of madness... by hridaybikashdas on 500px.com

Firework Sparkler by Alekcej Tugolukoff on 500px.com

Let there be light by Thomas Richter on 500px.com

A box full of stars by Dina Belenko on 500px.com

Untitled by Simon Ainley on 500px.com

From fireworks to floating lanterns to bokeh to whimsical play with light sources, see more of our Fourth of July homage in the 500px gallery.