Above: Photo by Isaac Gautschi

Hi, folks! I’m Evgeny Tchebotarev, co-founder of 500px, and I’m back to present a brand-new episode of 500px Portfolio Reviews. Want to get a free review of your 500px portfolio from an industry expert, or get insights into what makes a photo click with commercial buyers and editors? Tune in to this series, where we critique selected photos on 500px. It’s a great way to get tips on improving your work, and sell more pictures commercially.

In Episode 5, I sit down with Nuno Silva, Director of Content at 500px Prime to review 9 new submissions from 500px photographers. Below, you will find a list of photos and the questions submitted by the photographers.

Bharat Mudgal asks us, “How can I improve the composition in this photo?”

Matthias Leberle says, “I’m not interested in improving technical stuff, or how to get more exposure from buyers and 500px users by adding colors directly from a nuclear incident, or showing more nudity as seen so often here on 500px. Just let me know what you think about this photo, content-wise.”

John Monster tell us, “For me, I’ve been looking at the right composition to catch both the sun and city in one shot. I want to know what should be the best improvement for this. Should I move the city more to the middle, or crop the image? Thank you!”

Zihan Tang asks, “How do I take my photography up another level?”

Isaac Gautschi would like to know, “How does the picture make you feel? Any suggestions?”

Michael Rawling says, “What are my strengths that I ought to exploit, and weaknesses I ought to mend/avoid?”

Oliver Busch explains, “I had the change to visit some of the really iconic places for landscape photographers on the Isle of Skye this summer. I try to give them my own touch by a more artistic approach in post-processing. What do you think about the look?”

Ryan Warner asks us, of his photo, “What would you have done differently?”

Lars Millberg tell us, “I’ve always dreamt of having my pictures reviewed by a professional.”

Press play to watch and see what Nuno Silva and I have to say:

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