If you didn’t make it out to one of the 200+ photo walks going on yesterday during the massive 500px Fujifilm Global Photo Walk you seriously missed out! From Amsterdam, to Dubai, to London, to Toronto and 200+ more, 500px-ers all over the world met up and had a blast capturing beautiful photos.

Already nearly 3,000 photos with the 500pxGPW15 tag have been uploaded to 500px from yesterday’s festivities, and we’re expecting many many many more over the coming week as people finish processing and start uploading their best shots.

In celebration of a super-successful (not to mention fun!) Global Photo Walk yesterday, here are 50 of the most popular photos uploaded to 500px so far from the photo walks festivities, in no particular order.

Don’t think you can capture great photos during a photo walk? Think again! All 50 of these photos will prove you wrong.

Old Dubai - 500px Photowalk Dubai by Mustafa Sheikh on 500px.com

Lady in Red by RazzRozzfaisal Razalli on 500px.com

Red beard by Maja Top?agi? on 500px.com

500 px photowalk Hong Kong reflections by Nicolas Petit Photography on 500px.com

Persimmon by Neil Clark Ongchangco on 500px.com

The Historical & New Generations by Nizam Daniel on 500px.com

Goodbye Ferris wheel by Ratul Maiti on 500px.com

Friendship by Maja Top?agi? on 500px.com

YYC GPW by huynh_tk on 500px.com

Irish Hunger Memorial by Roman K on 500px.com

Marketplace León by David Santaolalla on 500px.com

Richard Harris by Malc Lawes on 500px.com

Explore With Friends by Ivan Igniter on 500px.com

Freedom Tower by Roman K on 500px.com

Fall Reflections by Joey Javier on 500px.com

A cup of tea by Anand Fernando on 500px.com

Untitled by Herald Herrera on 500px.com

Adventure Time by Anis Shaikh on 500px.com

Photowalking Amsterdam by Michiel Buijse on 500px.com

Fashion meets photowalk and falls in love. by Photocillin ! on 500px.com

On reflection - The dome of St Paul

Untitled by Herald Herrera on 500px.com

Dedication :) by Evgeny Tchebotarev on 500px.com

500px GWP Innsbruck by Fabian Irsara on 500px.com

Urban assassin by Omar Tursi? on 500px.com

Fun at Navy Pier Chicago during the @500px @fujifilmnorthamerica Global Photowalk! #500pxGPW15 #500_ by kate hailey on 500px.com

front seat by randy go on 500px.com

PHOTOWALK LOS ANGELES 2015 by Rafael Vazquez on 500px.com

the step by Ignasi Raventos on 500px.com

Beauty of Sunrise by Vijay  Kumar on 500px.com

Viking by sead  on 500px.com

Mehendi by Nilesh Somani on 500px.com

Dream of a girl by Victor Utama on 500px.com

The lensman by Medric Piacos on 500px.com

Our selfie game is strong. #500pcgpw15 by Grant Friedman on 500px.com

Eye pass by Strahinja Todorovic on 500px.com

Early Loading by Earl Tavera on 500px.com

Dhol by Ankur C. Das on 500px.com

Moving forward by Brian H on 500px.com

Reflecting by Evgeny Tchebotarev on 500px.com

This was taken on the 500px fujifilm global photo  ... by Christian Cross on 500px.com

Prague Photowalkers by Dmitry Ganich on 500px.com

Focus by Mohd Firdaus Zulkefili on 500px.com

Freya by Maja Top?agi? on 500px.com

500px Fujifilm Global Photo Walk 2015 by The Photo Fiend on 500px.com

500px GPW Quebec by Martin Cauchon on 500px.com

Sidewalk Bath by Eric Palmares on 500px.com

500pxGPW15 London rooftop photoshoot by Photocillin ! on 500px.com

Helsinki Photowalk by Jonathan Silfverberg on 500px.com

Amsterdam by Dick van Duijn on 500px.com

There are a ton more photos from the Global Photo Walk to check out, so click here and see what your fellow 500px-ers from across the globe shot yesterday.

And if you have pictures of your own that you haven’t uploaded yet, what are you waiting for! Just be sure to add the 500pxGPW15 tag because we’ll be doing several more roundups as photos pour in.