Kudos is due to the entire amazing 500px community… you guys absolutely blew us all away with your photos of last nights much-anticipated super harvest blood moon.

A rare event that paired both a total lunar eclipse and a supermoon—the term for a full moon that happens when the moon is at its closest to the Earth, making it look 14% larger and a bit brighter as well—the next “super blood moon” won’t happen again for about two decades.

That’s okay though, because we have all these incredible pictures to remember this one by until the next one!

Below we’ve complied 40 of the most breathtaking images uploaded to 500px so far from last night’s lunar eclipse—from killer composites to amazing single-shot captures that left us wide-eyed.

More amazing shots will no doubt keep showing up, so click here to see all the eclipse photos as they’re uploaded. And if you plan to upload your own, drop us a link in the comments!

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse from Johannesburg SA by Thomas Frömmel on 500px.com

Super Blood Moon Eclipse between the Air Academy Chapel Spires by David Soldano on 500px.com

Blood moon shines by Smita Nashikkar  on 500px.com

Blood Moon 2015 Lisbon by Aragao Rio on 500px.com

Supermoon Eclipse by Neil KanHai on 500px.com

Éclipse by Nianka  on 500px.com

Super and blood moon by Pär Ohlson on 500px.com

Blood Moon City by Terry Richards on 500px.com

Supermoon lunar eclipse from Rouen France #rouen #rouentourisme #rouenbynight #supermoon #eclipse #l by Thomas Ciezar on 500px.com

Bloodmoon Rising by Max Streichardt on 500px.com

Bloodmoon by Martin Bürner on 500px.com

Eclipse by Mariusz Bieniek on 500px.com

SuperBloodMoon rising... by Francisco Canet on 500px.com

Blood Moon by Michael Keil on 500px.com

Eiffel Tower, SuperMoon & Lunar eclipse 1 by Nicolas Forszpaniak on 500px.com

Eclipsing Moon Rise by Dale Berlin on 500px.com

20 minutes before Supermoon Lunar Eclipse by Bon Koo on 500px.com

Supermoon in London by Sal Alexander on 500px.com

Eclipse de lune by Dominique Guillot on 500px.com

blood moon by David Hobcote on 500px.com

Alexandra Palace Angel by Sam Lindsay on 500px.com

Supermoon Eclipse over Houghton, MI by Matipon Tangmatitham on 500px.com

Blood Moon by Michael Ukas on 500px.com

Eclipsed Milky Way by Matthew Newman on 500px.com

Super Blood Moon Eclipse Over Obelisk - Single Exposure Edition by Kurt Lawson on 500px.com

Blood Moon by Kevin Prud

Lunar eclipse in Frankfurt by Stefan Schumann on 500px.com

Eclissi lunare Sett. 2015 - Casuzze (RG) - Sicily by Mirko Chessari on 500px.com

Blutmond by Christina Wilhelm on 500px.com

Super Moon - Las Vegas by Fraser Almeida on 500px.com

Blood Moon by Jose Antonio Hervas on 500px.com

Dutch supermoon eclipse by Bart Verbrugge on 500px.com

An Alternate Reality by Marina Cole on 500px.com

The Blood Moon by Tomas Sentpetery on 500px.com

Blood Moon and the Pine by Wesley  Liikane on 500px.com

Blood Moon Rising by Dan Carr on 500px.com

Supermoon Eclipse - Colombia MO by Aitor RoGo on 500px.com

Mega Moon! by Matt Anderson on 500px.com

Brooklyn Blood Moon by John Kelsey on 500px.com