Every month or two, another doomsday article declares that photography is “dead.” Or, if it’s not dead, it’s drawing its final few rattling breaths as the younger, flashier twins video and 4K video stand nearby, appropriately somber but kind of bored and ready for photography to go ahead and kick the bucket already.

But one look at the 35 adorable photographers-in-training below and you’ll realize that photography is certainly not dead. It’s not even dying. Photography still has the ability to captivate and spark something unique in a child’s eye.

One moment, they’re experiencing something; the next moment, that experience is immortalized on a little LCD or square piece of celluloid in their hands. It’s magic… and science… but mostly magic.

So if you’re feeling down and out about the future of photography, fear not. The future is bright… and pretty freaking cute too:

Is your little one a “photographer-in-training”? Upload a photo of them in action to your 500px account and leave us a link in the comments! Let’s celebrate the next generation of photo nerds, image lovers, film purists, and Photoshop junkies.