Freckles, often accompanied by red hair and fair skin, weren’t always seen as a positive… but for anybody whose ever taken portraits, you know that this combination can make for some spectacular photos.

The freckles give character, lend contrast, emphasize the eyes, and somehow manage to make someone beautiful look even more stunning.

Case in point, check out just about any of Maja Topcagic‘s images… you won’t be disappointed although you may very well get jealous.

See through by Maja Top?agi? on

Of course, it helps when those freckles are placed on a perfect bone structure, framed by perfectly done hair, and lit & captured by a professional photographer who can take the beautiful and make it look out-of-this-world… but we digress.

Here are 30 of our favorite freckle-speckled images on 500px. Enjoy!

Summer Portrait by Brian Ingram on

Daisies by Maja Top?agi? on

Freckles are sexual by Darya Chacheva on

Emeline by Lëa Mirp on

freckles everywhere ... by hady  ... on

Boring by I Must Be Dead  on

the girl with freckles by Pauly Pholwises on

*** by Tatyana Nevmerzhytska on

Nature like she is by Darya Chacheva on

Freckles by Jovana Rikalo on

even more freckles ... by hady  ... on

Summer Freckles by Crimson Photography on

Anabel III by Michael Woloszynowicz on

Untitled by Lena Dunaeva on

Michelle I by Andy Elste on

*v by Nadine Lotze on

lara by jean | noir   on

Lera by Kerry Moore on

Summer white by Maja Top?agi? on

Ginger girl by Jasenka Arbanas on

eternity by Juliane Naumann I Photography on

SUNNYCHILD by Irella Konof on


C* by  PortraitsBySam on

Luca by Agata Serge on

some things just are the way they are by Stefan Beutler on

*** by Malvina Frolova on

michelle by Ana Lora Photoart on

C* by  PortraitsBySam on

Need more examples of freckled beauty? Click here to browse through all of the beautiful images tagged “freckles” on 500px, and then drop a link to your favorite freckled photo (yours or someone else’s) in the comments down below!