If you follow 500px on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, you were treated to a great little feature last month called 30 Days of Weddings.

Every morning in June, we would post a different wedding themed social post—either a great photographer profile, an ISO post, or a collection of images. Most of the days we featured individual photographers who make sure 500px is packed full of amazing wedding photography year-in and year-out, and by the end of the month we had a collection of the best wedding photography on 500px just aching to be shared.

So, just in case you weren’t following those accounts (get on it!), here’s a day-by-day recap. 30 days of weddings: a look at some of the best wedding photography on 500px!

June 1st: Ryan Brenizer

June 2nd: Van Middleton

June 3rd: Keda.Z Feng

June 4th: Sara K Byrne

June 5th: Manuel Orero

June 6th: Andrey Balabasov

June 7th: Ivan Zamanuhin

June 8th: Eduard Stelmakh

June 9th: WuJS

June 10th: Daniel Tam

June 11th: Melissa Avey

June 12th: Sandra Fotoidile

June 13th: Evgeny Lanin

June 14th: David Samoylov

June 15th: Martin Reisch

June 16th: Özgür Aslan

June 17th: Sin Dong Kim

June 18th: Vladimir Propp

June 19th: 50+ Wedding Photos to Sweep You off Your Feet Lightbox

June 20th: Jonas Peterson

June 21st: 25 Tear-Jerking Photos Of Fathers At Weddings ISO Post

June 22nd: Sonya Khegay

June 23rd: Carey Nash

June 24th: Mathew Irving

June 25th: Mark Pacura

June 26th: #LoveWins Post

June 27th: Michael Keel

June 28th: Dave Brosha

June 29th: Albert Ng

June 30th: Roman Shumilkin