Arman Ayva is an amateur photographer and 500px community member who is driven by a desire to capture the moment. “The sensation, that the moment is gone and will never repeat, but you can still go back in time looking at your pics and live it again, is incredible.”

To see more from Arman, give his 500px account a follow or visit his blog. This post originally appeared here, and is being republished with express permission.

I started using 500px to post my pictures in September of 2014. As matter of fact, I started photography as a whole then.

I must confess, I am in love with photography, and I am partially thankful to the 500px community for that. But mostly, I would like share my deepest gratitude with some of the specific photographers who I was lucky enough to interact with on 500px — photographers who boosted my inspiration, and who continue to do so now.

Today’s blog is about three of them, but note that this list is far from complete. I promise to continue preaching about the photographers I think deserve more attention.

1. Harry Gordon Bisel

Each of Harry’s portraits tells a great story.

I just randomly picked this one, but you can check any of them, they are all awesome. Here are some comments to help you understand what I mean.

Me: Love the image, thank you for the title! it is interesting I was looking at the image about 3 min trying to understand what I feel, then I a saw your title. Bang! Yes , exactly! She is flying. Holding one hand on her head protecting from wind, another hand like a wing, It fits. She is in the air of her dreams:)

Harry: That’s it exactly, Arman! She’s 16, which means she can drive here in the U.S, and has some new freedoms. So the image is about her leaving the nest for the first time, metaphorically. I should point out that this is a concept and it isn’t about Nicole specifically, but she played the part of one leaving the nest for the first trial flight. You were right on target my friend!

Sara Biljana Gaon: Yes, the mood of the image conveys the moment they decide to leave… They are determined, they believe they can have it all… and they are right. Lovely shot, Harry!

Harry: I believe your right, Sara! If an adolescent is given the right tools (knowledge) – or if they overcome the fact that they were not by gaining it on their own – I do believe they can have nearly anything they want. Truly, some may have far greater obstacles to overcome than others but ultimately optimism can be a powerful tool! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment my good friend!

2. JHanna

JHanna’s pictures are warm and natural. She is always up for experimenting to learn and explore new areas of photography, and she does that perfectly. Again, it is so difficult to pick the best, since she has an incredibly beautiful gallery.

This photo is called “Autumn artistic,” an image processed with Topaz lens focus – Streak … Experimenting with filters…

One of many comments:

Harry: It’s really impossible to pick a favorite from your gallery. Definitely plan to spend more time looking!

Hanna: Thank you Harry for your visit and most kind compliment…so nice and much appreciated

3. Ev By

Biography: An urban based amateur with a love of photography. I’m learning by doing

I discovered Ev very recently. In my opinion, I think I’ve found another brilliant photographer:

Check her gallery and I promise you will dream of becoming a photographer.

Here is my comment for this picture:

Me: I need to borrow your eyes for just an hour:)

Ev: What a great comment, thanks very much!

Check them all out, you will fall in love with their work…