From candid and spontaneous to posed and beautifully processed, this weekend we went digging for wintery portraits that’ll help thaw those creative juices and encourage you to go shooting in the snow!

The collection of 25 photos below represents just a tiny drop in the bucket (or should we say, flake in the snowstorm?) of the amazing snowy portraits you’ll find if you go looking through the 500px archives. Our only goal was to pick a diverse set of stunning shots so that, no matter your photography preference or style, you’ll find something in here that speaks to YOU.

Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments at the bottom!

baby, it

Playing In Snow by Nuno Silva on

V3 by  Moga on

Frozen by Lisa Holloway on

Passion by Marcin Jagiellicz on

Crimson Cold by Ya?ar Turanl? on

Poor Little Match Girl by Renata Ramsini on

"the snow blows white on the mountain tonight" by Margarida Moura  on

Hello by Khalis Yunus on

Cold look by Dani Mart on

Let it snow ! by socaciu marcel on

Anastasia by Irina Baryshnikova on

Winter Love by Jeremiah Kuehne on

The Agreement (color) by Sara Hadenfeldt on

moment by ??????? ?? on

Luftschlange by Jenny Theobald on

Water and Air by Jari Sokka on

let it snow by Elena Shumilova on

Invisible wind by Maja Top?agi? on

Snowball Fight! by Gary Brookshaw on

my edge by Georgiy Alexandrov on

Masha by ???????  ????????? (Georgy Chernyadyev) on

Searching For Spring by jesse berg on


Frozen by Mia Sunday on