Happy National Dog Day!

I’ll admit it: cats are okay… I guess. When it comes to the Internet, they kind of have a monopoly on the whole “cute” video and picture market, but today, dogs rule all. Plus we’re kind of puppy-obsessed at 500px…

So, in honor of National Dog Day and our own obsession with dogs, we’re listing out the Top 25 most popular dog photos ever shared on 500px—as liked, favorited, shared, and commented on by you guys.

Editor’s Note: A few photographers made a VERY strong showing, and so we limited the list to 2 photos per photographer max, that way everyone gets a chance to show off.

hey, friend. by Hannah Meinhardt on 500px.com

beachball by Danny Block on 500px.com


friends by Dominik Astrodi on 500px.com

My Bestfriend by chummy Tamayao on 500px.com

??? by Wiwi Liu on 500px.com

dog-snowflakes-winter by HZR  PICTURE on 500px.com

Friends by Alicja Zmys?owska on 500px.com


Black Labrador on Black Backgrund by linsensuppe -  fotografie on 500px.com

alfred by Viktoria Haack on 500px.com

Come on, I do not bite by Sergey Polyushko on 500px.com

The goofy goober by Elke Vogelsang on 500px.com

Brotherhood by Burak KILIÇ on 500px.com

Anastasia by Irina Baryshnikova on 500px.com

Backlight. by Thomas Bakke on 500px.com

BALTO, THE OLD DOG by Jørn Allan Pedersen on 500px.com

*** by Luis Valadares on 500px.com

Daisy by Jake Olson Studios on 500px.com

Love U Mum! by Zuzia Paluch on 500px.com

Re-editing an old shot by David Hodgins on 500px.com

Frank by Gary Brookshaw on 500px.com

Flying dog by Anna-Lena Gerharz Fotografie  on 500px.com

Dreamer by Alicja Zmys?owska on 500px.com

There are many many many more amazing dog photos on 500px. Click here to browse through them all and make this a National Dog Day to remember. And if you have a puppy photo of your own to share, don’t hesitate to drop a link in the comments!